Silvertips Say Goodbye to Jordan McKinnon

It is with very heavy hearts that the Silvertips Family has learned of the passing of our teammate Jordan McKinnon. Jordan passed away at his home on Saturday, September 10th, 2016 due to a medical condition.

Jordan has been part of the Silvertips since 2015 and prior to that he played with the Strathmore Venom Minor Lacrosse and Rockyview Rage Minor lacrosse programs. He has been an integral part of the Silvertips, his intensity and compete level led him to take on a major role on our defensive and special teams. Jordan was also one of the first to volunteer his time in coaching younger players and fundraising activities. His absence leaves a huge hole on our team, and in our hearts, he will forever be missed.

In Recognition of Jordan’s contributions to the Silvertips, the team will be retiring Jordan’s Jersey #3. The team has also created a “JM3 Player of the Game” award that will be given to a player from each game.


As I step onto the court,

All of my worries disappear, and I am ready.

I know I am not alone in this fight,

My teammates are all around me.

They are all here for the same reason

To beat the opposing team.

The whistle blows

And everyone scrambles in.

Searching for the loose ball

I scoop it up with my stick;

I am a weapon on the court.

I run as fast as I can to the opposing net.

I look where to pass the ball,

But there is no one open to pass to.

But I continue to run to the net

I shoot the ball, it whistles through the air

Past the goalie's stick and into the net.

Jordan McKinnon - Grade 8


“To create well-rounded, community oriented lacrosse players who
will act as role models on and off the floor”